Moore – Bishop and Rooks



Due to our proven uniform consultancy approach, Moore Bishop And Rooks has expanded out of Nigeria. Moore Bishop & Rooks is always there where its clients see the potential for their business engagement, rather than create an artificial network of franchises or affiliates, we have chosen to set up our own offices and rely on close, multidisciplinary and cross-border collaboration among our colleagues.

As a result, Moore Bishop & Rooks stands for international expertise from a single source. Our conviction is driven by the entrepreneurial spirit that we share with many partners around the world.

Due to its internationally proven uniform consultancy approach, Moore Bishop & Rooks has been able to expand to West Africa, having won over a strong market foothold during the recent years. Through our long-standing experience, we have gained an in-depth insight into the specific challenges and opportunities of the Nigerian market.

We understand the cross-border interests of our clients, possess the perfect grasp of the Nigerian environment and offer an outstanding level of service – a unique combination of skill, experience, and knowledge that our clients appreciate.

Our industry expertise, in-depth skills and “Big 4” experience allow us to provide high quality, value-added services with superior technical capabilities, ultimately resulting in inspired growth in our clients’ operations.